The Journey to the End of Dawn 1.0

You don’t know this new me; I put the pieces back differently.  Unknown

Everytime I sit down to start this blog, I start crying.  How can I start on a project that I have been pining for my whole life…and I was born in 70’s?  I love writing.  I always have. In elementary school, I would bring the special lined paper that wasn’t all used yet home from school and write on it.  I would compose silly poems and stories.  I’d pretend I was someone completely different.

I wanted to be someone from a prominent family or from a city or from a different place.  I didn’t really appreciate that I was from a beautiful Midwest community surrounded by corn and bean fields.  The open space and the lack of people made me feel uncomfortable and invisible.  I wanted to write of my epic travels and adventures and dramas…none of which I found in Iowa.

Jump to now 2018, I live in a large town/small city surrounded by my own family and I’m ready to take this scary step to expressing the words that flow through my brain…my very broken brain.  It’s a funny story…not really.

In February 2013, I was a normal everyday homeschooling SAHM with my four kids (16 yo and under) and one delightful husband.  We loved Jesus (we still do).  We had it all figured out.  We knew who our friends were.  We had a somewhat staple budget.  We had a minivan.  However, within the span of 19 days, I was involved in two major car accidents and suffered two brain injuries in my frontal lobe.  It’s only my favorite lobe–speech, organization, short-term memory…if you need it for parenting, it’s there!

Our nice, little neat world was made extremely messy and I couldn’t clean it up with my trusty Dyson. The journey of how I lost myself and how I found myself in a new 2.0 version is a lot of what I hope to talk about here.

I also plan to write about the windy ways that I took to be here…running, yoga, friends, inspirational quotes, humor, God, and the crazy way my brain and I see life now.

Hope you join me.  If you feel a little broken, let’s start getting mended together.

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  1. Just listened to your interview with Sarah on the We Podcast. Thank you for all you shared. I was interested for many reasons. You expressed areas of your life that coincided with mine. The shame subject was a HUGE deal for me. I found a powerful church ministry twenty years ago that helped me so much with that as I was a victim of sexual abuse. I have a friend that is struggling with brain injury and will share this broadcast with her. I am particularly fond of homeschooling families as I know many and I LOVE the difference they make in our families, culture and country. Thank you Dawn and God bless.


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